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Therapy Development Accelerator (TDA)

The TDA specializes in providing a tailored and rigorous "due-diligence" process for transforming an idea in the life sciences to one that has the highest possible potential for real-world impact. While we help ventures at any stage, we most often address the following areas:


     1. Defining a target product profile. 

     2. Understanding value proposition and differentiation in the market.

     3. Planning value-generating and "killer" experiments. 

     4. Identifying and engaging KOLs around key gaps. 

     5. Getting "soft" feedback from investors before launching outreach.

     6. Long-term financial and corporate strategy. 

     7. Discussing needed team members and advisers. 


We emphasize to teams that the above areas require considerable work and thought. In our experience, long-term success of life science ventures depends entirely on the having a solid sense of not just the science, but how a product can successfully move through clinical trials, regulatory considerations, and be widely used and accessed. 


The TDA also organizes candidate companies for the UZH Life Science Fund, a mechanism to fund up to 1,000,000 CHF to promising UZH spinouts.