Therapy Development Accelerator (TDA)

The TDA supports company formation, preparation, and launch of life science projects from within UZH. We work alongside founders to "stress-test" all aspects of the idea, gather key feedback, and ultimately facilitate investment and partnering discussions. 


Following UMZH’s mission of “ensuring excellent medical and health care for the public through its research”, we are open to all life science projects (biotech, medtech & digital health) and all departments, hospitals, centers, and institutes, provided there is intellectual property originating at UZH. We welcome students, post-docs, staff, faculty or alumni. We support projects with commercial as well as non-commercial goals. The focus is always on the benefit to the patient or consumer.

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UZH Life Sciences ecosystem to support translational projects

  Academic projects Spin-offs

UZH Bioentrepreneur & Innovation course

UZH Innovators Camp


UZH Entrepreneur Fellowships for Biotech and Medtech

Wyss Zurich (regenerative medicine and robotics)

UZH Life Sciences Fund (with Novartis Venture Fund)

Infrastructure UZH Incubator Lab Bio-technopark
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Rigorous product development and 1:1 tailored strategic sessions Therapy Development Accelerator (TDA)