Therapy Development Accelerator (TDA)

The Therapy Development Accelerator (TDA) offers expertise and professional coaching to projects and spin-offs in the field of Life Sciences at the University of Zurich (UZH). 80% of all patents and spin-offs of the UZH are in this field; this makes UZH one of the major Swiss players translating academic discoveries into solutions to benefit patients and society.

Following UMZH’s mission of “ensuring excellent medical and health care for the public through its research”, we support anyone affiliated with the UZH with an idea for a future therapy (drug or medical device), diagnostic or digital tool, or any innovation that can lead to better patient care. Researchers and clinicians from University Hospital Zurich, University Children’s Hospital Zurich, Balgrist University Hospital Zurich, Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich or UZH students, staff, faculty, or alumni can contact us. Patent protection is the norm, but not mandatory. We support projects with commercial as well as non-commercial goals. The focus is always on the benefit to the patient.

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