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Therapy Development Accelerator (TDA)

Frequently Unasked Questions


If they are questions or challenges that you would like us to write about, do not hesitate to contact us

#14: Pitching is not a beauty contest! It's storytelling.

#13: Who's got the cash? From FFF and BA to FO and VC

#12: Is your start-up ready to fundraise?

#11: Chasing unicorns or following the herd? Understand investor psychology - advice for first-time fundraisers

#10: Who invests in Swiss university spin-offs?

#9: Swiss university spin-offs: joining the big league?

#8: Interacting with my board of directors: pain or gain?

#7: Start-up board of directors: whom should I bring on board?

#6: Start-up advisors: blah-blah or ah-ha?

#5: How to split the founders' shares

#4: What is the value of my future spin-off?

#3: How do I best negotiate with the tech transfer office (TTO)?

#2: Who should become a co-founder?

#1: Should I found a spin-off?