Antibodies interfering with protein mono-ADP-ribosylation (MARylation)

In diseases such as cancer, neurodegeneration or inflammation a cellular alert system interacts with the immune response by putting ADP-ribosylation marks on proteins. To interfere with pathological conditions as early on as possible, we develop antibodies that target directly this alert system to diagnose the cellular health status and to treat underlying diseases. We generate antibodies against enzymes writing these marks and employ an IP-protected technology to generate first of its kind antibodies against mono-ADP-ribosylated (MARylated) alert marks. These antibodies represent a novel therapeutic tool and companion diagnostics for an increasingly personalized medicine.


  • Prof. Michael Hottiger, Head
  • Dr. Tobias Suter, Coordinator and Project Management
  • Dr. Fabio Aimi, Project Management Anna Bianca Howald, Technician
  • Dr. Stefan Pitsch, Chemistry Consultant