Artificial Heart for Fontan patients


Our goal is to develop a novel, fully implantable blood pump that supports the cardiovascular system of Fontan children, who are born with only half a heart. We want to fully restore cardiovascular functionality so that these patients, for whom there is no other treatment option, can lead a normal life without serious complications. Our interdisciplinary team employs innovative in-silico, in-vitro, ex-, and in-vivo methods to a pump system that fully replaces the missing heart chamber. Aim of this project is to translate all findings into a hemocompatible, implantable prototype to validate the pump system in chronic animal experiments.


  • Michael Hübler (Medical Lead)
  • Marcus Granegger (Technical Lead)
  • Martin Schweiger (Experimental Surgery)
  • Bente Thamsen (Fluid Dynamics)
  • Emanuel Hubmann (Electromagnetics)
  • Young Choi (Experimental testing)
  • Dominik Beck (Design)