Fetoscopy Patch

Prevention of preterm birth


Recent development in pre-natal diagnosis and treatment enable the detection and the treatment of life-threatening congenital diseases on fetuses during pregnancy. Those minimally invasive interventions in the womb, called fetoscopies, come along with a 90% risk of preterm birth related to the perforation of the fetal membrane through the insertion of the medical instruments. This important collateral effect is a critical limitation for those fetoscopies and for development of more sophisticated fetal surgeries. Our innovative technology prevents membrane rupture following fetoscopies, which will help fighting against fetal morbidity and mortality and open a new horizon in the fetal treatment field.


  • Dr. Yannick Devaud, project leader
  • Professor Roland Zimmermann, co-inventor, clinic director
  • Professor Nicole Ochsenbein-Kölble, co-inventor, fetal surgeon
  • PD. Martin Ehrbar, co-inventor, obstetric research director


Yannick Devaud Yannick.devaud@usz.ch